The Woody Iridaceae

Justin Smith
Sat, 14 Feb 2009 22:03:24 PST
> Subject: [pbs] The Woody Iridaceae> > Dear Friends,> Mention should be made of the excellent summary of this topic > in "The Woody Iridaceae: Nivenia, Klattia & Witsenia: Systematics, > Biology & Evolution" by Peter Goldblatt Timber Press.> > Check it out. Jim W.> 
I have heard of the book though I have not yet bought one. While doing a google on it tonight I came across an article for "Veld & Flora" written by Peter Goldblatt December 1992.
Here is a link to scans of the pages at web site if you are interested in it.…
The picture of Nivenia concinna makes me want to go on a seed hunting trip. 
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