Importing seeds and bulbs and extension to related

Michael Mace
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 12:08:08 PST
Bill wrote:

>> In the old days, like 10 years ago. Permit holders sent stamps to  
their PIS and the Officers would have paper files with the permit and  
when the shipment was released the officer would afix the correct  
amount of postage on the package to enter it into the postal service's  

Thanks for all the info on this, Bill.  I just received my import permit
(about three weeks turnaround, very nice), and am looking forward to using

It looks like the charge for shipping a packet UPS ground is going to be
about $9.  Not as bad as paying for a phyto, but more expensive than USPS
would be, and I am a cheap guy.  So could I send US postage stamps to my
exporter, along with the import permit, with instructions to enclose the
stamps inside the package along with the seeds?  Then when the inspector was
finished, they could put the stamps on the packet and drop it in the mail.

Even if I grossly overpaid for the postage, it'd be a lot less than the UPS



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