Importing seeds and bulbs

Ruth Bierhoff
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 12:53:10 PST
Thanks, Jane. Good suggestion. Now I'll write to the Miami chapter of NARGS 
and see if we can work something out.

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> Ruth wrote,
>>I am simply a gardener who loves to get seeds from the Alpine Garden
>>Society and the Scottish Rock Garden Society. In order to get my
>>seeds out of the hands of the Miami PO, I had to give them my Fedex
>>account number and sustain a charge of $26.11.
>>With regret at having to discontinue membership in both Societies,
> When the new seed importation enforcement was instituted, with little
> prior notice, at least one of the abovementioned groups (I forget
> which) responded to it by designating a single member in the U.S. to
> receive the entire shipment of orders for all U.S. members and then
> forward them to each person. This would have worked well, except that
> the person who did the work was too busy to handle it in a timely
> manner. Possibly something similar could be tried again, with a small
> group of members of AGS or SRGC acting as recipients and forwarders.
> There are a number of NARGS chapters with members who are also in AGS
> and SRGC, and some of them are convenient enough to inspection entry
> stations that the shipment could actually be physically picked up.
> Jane McGary
> (member, PBS, NARGS, AGS, SRGC -- but I don't order seeds from the
> overseas groups any more even though I have an APHIS permit)
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