Sunset's Countrywide Zone Maps

Adam Fikso
Sat, 14 Feb 2009 09:40:25 PST
Hello Judy.  No, Sunset's ":rest of the country" maps are  nowhere near as 
good. In my opinion-- the USDA maps are better. I used to live in the east 
bay area of Berkeley, CA. I never worry about things getting too hot, only 
too cold.

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Subject: [pbs] Sunset's Countrywide Zone Maps

> If you look at Sunset's maps for the western United States they divvy up
> regions and fine-tune microclimates such as San Francisco with its
> bayside foggy conditions from the more inland locales. The rest of the
> country - central, northern, south, southeast, northeast -  are not as
> finely tuned. Example: it should be noted that the bay side of Long

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