Picking up shipments via the different currier services

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Bill you get up too early in the morning. I just got off the phone with UPS. They told me about the "casual account." I was going to relay that info but seems like you beat me to the punch. I think if any one is going to import any plant/seed material this is invaluable info that Bill gave. You will need to set up an account with one or the other of the carriers. 


This is what Bill supplied. Repeated here:




Options check for small parcel deliver with pick up options
or DHL
perhaps FedEx
then there is Endicia



The UPS guy on the phone said you make an account with a credit card. They will bill your credit card weekly for the shipments you make that week. If you make no shipment then no charge, there is no fee and no maintenance fee. The guy said to make sure you say "NO" to daily pickup.


Just think with fewer people willing to pay additional shipping. (If you study business you learn that  an increase in cost causes demand to go down) The stuff you import will be even more rare. 



As for the EULA LOL Bill finally I find someone with a sense of humor. I did get a good laugh out of it. Though I think mine was funnier.



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