Importing seeds and bulbs

Jane McGary
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 12:01:32 PST
Ruth wrote,
>I am simply a gardener who loves to get seeds from the Alpine Garden 
>Society and the Scottish Rock Garden Society. In order to get my 
>seeds out of the hands of the Miami PO, I had to give them my Fedex 
>account number and sustain a charge of $26.11.
>With regret at having to discontinue membership in both Societies,

When the new seed importation enforcement was instituted, with little 
prior notice, at least one of the abovementioned groups (I forget 
which) responded to it by designating a single member in the U.S. to 
receive the entire shipment of orders for all U.S. members and then 
forward them to each person. This would have worked well, except that 
the person who did the work was too busy to handle it in a timely 
manner. Possibly something similar could be tried again, with a small 
group of members of AGS or SRGC acting as recipients and forwarders. 
There are a number of NARGS chapters with members who are also in AGS 
and SRGC, and some of them are convenient enough to inspection entry 
stations that the shipment could actually be physically picked up.

Jane McGary
(member, PBS, NARGS, AGS, SRGC -- but I don't order seeds from the 
overseas groups any more even though I have an APHIS permit) 

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