J.E. Shields
Sat, 24 Jan 2009 06:16:20 PST
I often follow links to see images.  Now that browsers are getting faster, 
I don't mind following links to see images.  Before, I preferred having 
images attached to the messages.

I don't buy many bulbs now, and then usually only from specialists.  I 
still try to get rarities by trading.  I don't find importing and exporting 
bulbs or seeds to be a problem, as I have the permits and I can get (for 
the $50 fee) a phyto with no hassle and only a little planning.

I'm not a botanical garden, so I don't have to have wild collected plants 
and seeds.  I like to get the wild things when it's legal, but I don't 
require wild material.

Jim Shields

At 12:23 PM 1/21/2009 +0000, Ian wrote:
>As requested privately. I never or almost never seek out a website listed 
>on PBS and I never buy plants because as a rule these are offered for sale 
>in North America and the hoops to jump to facilitate importation are 
>rarely worth the trouble, I also believe it works the other way too. In 
>addition, with very few exceptions as a rule I only grow plants from seed 
>almost all of which must have provenance details and it seems I work on 
>interests which are marginally shared by most posters however I have no 
>way of knowing if that is the case.

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