[BULBS-L] Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Dell Sherk ds429@comcast.net
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 10:06:43 PST
Jim Shields wrote: " You need to use the PPQ 587 application, and in the
application specify "Small Lots of Seeds" on the first line of the list of
plant species you want to import, if all you want are seeds. I usually list
genera by families, and specific countries. The permit came back listing
"all eligible species" from "all eligible countries." That covers it all
quite nicely."  




How do you deal with the multitude of species and the multitude of countries
of origin? E.g. do Zephyranthes from Mexico have to be separated from the
same genus from Argentina? And after the permit is issued, what if you
decide that you want to import some zephyranthes seed from Indonesia and
hadn't listed it? 


I just tried to apply on line and found that I needed to establish an
e-authentication account. So I started that process, but can't get back into
the site through my new login. And then I see that I have to take a picture
ID to a USDA office to get the account activated. So, I'll try again to
apply the old fashioned paper way.




Dell Sherk, Pacific Bulb Society



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