protected cold frame

Kathleen Sayce
Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:22:10 PST
OK, Jim, I'll bite. Tell us more about this protected cold frame.  
What is it made of, how deeply do you set it in the ground, what is  
the glazing? Internal height? Do you use insulation around the  
outside? Gravel base?  Shade cloth in summer? How do you anchor the  
glazing in high winds, etc?  I ran a commercial greenhouse for years,  
and so have held off going anywhere close to that direction for the  
past decade in my own garden, but having given in to the dark side  
and admitting that I adore geophyte (by joining PBS),  I am now  
looking at how to grow those species that can't take zone 8 conditions.
Details, please.

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