Plant exchange options

Laura & Dave
Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:22:15 PST
          An idea I've had that would help greatly is if there were
        instructions/conditions in as many languages as possible.  The
        appropriate translated document could be sent with orders and
        all the rest of the  documentation.  It would be great if this
        was available on the APHIS website, but a bit much to expect
        considering their already strapped budget.  Perhaps we as a
        group could take on the project   I'm sure there are many
        languages represented here, and enough people to proofread the
        translations.  Whether we would/could make the translated
        documents available, or give them to the government to post is
        an issue to be resolved.  I know that it would help to be able
        to send instructions that are understood at the exporters' end,
        as I've had Jim's experience myself.  I speak enough Spanish to
        travel and converse, but I have some difficulty with more
        technical and legal documents.  I'm sure it is the same for many
        people who "speak" English.  Heck, I have trouble with legal
        documents in English, even as a native speaker!

        Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington -usa-

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