Macadamia nuts

Leo A. Martin
Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:39:30 PST
There are a few fruiting macadamia trees here in Phoenix. I ate some this
fall at a meeting of our local chapter of the California Rare Fruit

{Geophyte content alert} There are several members of Proteaceae (the
family including Macadamia) with lignotubers, which are enlarged woody
subterranean root/stem complexes that survive brush fires which burn off
the tops. Quite a few Myrtaceae native to Australia and environs have this
adaptation as well (think Eucalyptus.) If I can get a good photo of it, a
friend here has a Eucalyptus growing with the lignotuber exposed. Another
family of bulbs for the wiki!

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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