Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:53:49 PST
Judy wrote
> My brother once told me that cashews come in clusters, surrounded by a
> very thick hard shell. And that every year people are killed by falling
> clusters of cashews in the shell.

Not cashews - Perhaps Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa, family
Lecythidaceae, which I'd never heard of until I just looked it up) or what
is sometimes called Malabar chestnut, Pachira aquatica, which is in family
Bombacaceae (or Malvaceae if it's been transferred.) Both have very large
fruits full of many nuts. Brazil nut fruits are larger and very woody.

Or members of genus Araucaria, like the monkey puzzle tree and bunya
bunya, some of which have enormous cones.

Cashews, family Anacardiaceae along with mango, poison ivy, sumac, and the
elephant trees from Baja California, Pachycormus discolor) are single,
not-very-large tropical fruits. The nut is born singly on the blossom end
of the fruit. The fruit is commonly pressed into juice in Brazil.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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