importation discussion and PBS

Adam Fikso
Thu, 29 Jan 2009 12:23:35 PST
Re Kudzu.  Not quite.   As I read available Internet references... its use 
as a control for erosion, does not seem to have actually occurred until much 
later in the 30s and subsequently.  It's first introduction in 1876 was as 
an ornamental and forage crop.  That it has a use in Chinese medicine tends 
to be largely overlooked.

Your reference and others conflate the two uses and dates. Yes the USDA was 
complicit in its spread, but, at th time, it was a reasonable solution. 
Getting rid of it is possible, and methods are specified on line.

> Dear Adam ,
> curiously I have just finished reading the account of the introduction of 
> Kudzu by the american government of the time as a solution to the erosion 
> problems caused by inappropriate agricultural methods which had lead to 
> the famous "dust bowls"
> Mark

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