Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Jim McKenney
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 18:26:55 PST
Oh my gosh - how this subject has provoked some people!

Let's hope that at least some of the misunderstandings flying around are due
to the notorious difficulty in expressing ourselves in what is in effect an
email context. 

First, full disclosure time: I've met Bill Aley and sought his advice on
some minor importation issues. The Bill Aley I met gave every impression of
wanting to help me work within the system to achieve my goals. I found his
suggestions to me surprisingly clever, not at all what one would get from
someone satisfied to simply spout regulations. He not only demonstrated
insight into the particular problems encountered by the small importer but
evidenced a desire to help solve them. 

We should be glad that the Bill Aleys of the world are willing to take the
time to be involved with us in working out these issues. 

Tim, I think your concerns about Bill or any other lurker spying on us are
misplaced. You realize, don't you, that PBS postings are readily available
to anyone Googling relevant topics? Everything you have ever posted is out
there for anyone and everyone to see. If there are malicious interests
determined to spy on us, they don't have to join the list to do so.  

This is such an important discussion to many of us that I'm sorry to see it
flame. Let's try to get back to a civil discussion. I was very favorably
impressed by some of what Ellen was posting, and I would be disappointed if
she withdrew from this discussion, especially before some of the points she
raised got the attention they deserve. 

At least we're not as bad as the crazies on YouTube who sometimes post
inarticulate filth in response to their inability to make their points
logically and with civility.  

Jim McKenney

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