Membership in the pbs list

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 18:07:12 PST
Dear Tim,

Our list is open to anyone who has an interest in our topic. So anyone can 
join. The original PBS board gave me as the list administrator the option 
to remove someone from the list if I thought it necessary. I have not 
exercised that option yet. For the most part our list members have 
conducted themselves politely and responded to others in an helpful fashion.

Since our list is a public list with all posts accessible online for anyone 
who wishes to search for them, everyone needs to think before they hit the 
send key. I am unable to remove any posts from the archives. And I suggest 
if a post makes anyone angry that they wait to respond and then read it 
again. It may not say exactly what you think it does.

Telling members of this list about the requirements for importing seeds and 
bulbs would be useful information for those people who do not have it. It 
is also important to realize why there are rules. It also seems fair to 
share some of the problems with the current system. Without recognizing the 
problems, improvement won't be possible.

Most important to me is that members of this list treat others with 
respect. If this list becomes a place where people trade angry emails, 
there will be a mass exodus and I think that would be very sad.

Mary Sue
PBS list administrator

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