Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Tim Harvey
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:50:18 PST
I am with Ellen here. I would like either:
1) a statement from William D. Alley stating that his presence on this list is purely for personal interest, and anything innocently disclosed here will never be used by him or any other representatives of any government agency, as a result of his actions, for any purpose.
2) an apology from William D. Aley and his immediate unsubscription/removal from the list.
If neither are possible I suggest that the PBS board needs to review its list membership policies.
I have not searched the archives, but has WDA ever posted _anything_ not related to regulations? I suggest that members or administrators of other lists seriously consider whether there are other people 'lurking' in this way, and review the laws regarding entrapment.
 T> Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 18:35:03 -0500> From:> To:> Subject: Re: [pbs] Importing Bulbs and Seeds> > I said I'd said enough, but Debbie's posting puts me over the top. I mean honestly - this is America - why do we have government functionaries lurking on lists, making insinuating and bullying remarks to people like Debbie who merely post observations that the government isn't doing its job very effectively; and why do I have respectable people writing me privately and saying "be CAREFUL - this agency is a loose cannon, it doesn't play by any rules, and it will hurt you"? > > Lordy - we aren't talking about terrorists here - we're talking about plants. Pretty soon we'll be talking about McCarthyism, though. So glad I voted for Obama...> > Ellen, unrepentant

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