Fw: Greentours San Diego Flora

Marguerite English meenglis@meenglis.cts.com
Wed, 14 Jan 2009 21:05:50 PST

Actually, Cuyamaca state park drops all the way down to Alpine, Ca., which is about 3000 ft alt.   I live at 3700 ft, right  under Mt. Cuyamaca on the southwest slope.  We had snow on the peak through Christmas week; but that has now melted.  We often get a few days of snow at this altitude during the 1st 3 months of the year, with a lot of rain and wind. It is definitely winter here at least through Feb.  First few early bloom  begins in late Feb. Apr-May have the best display. We have even had occasional snow on Easter.

I do know the native herbaceous plants on this side of Cuyamaca.   Most of my lists belong to pressed plants I gathered near my home when the SD Natural History Museum started its program to fill its herbarium with recent samples gathered by local residents. I could share that with folks who don't gather from the wild if anyone is interested.   

Borrego state park has blooms much earlier.  The fields around Borrego provide a beautiful display.   I don't have the site, but Anza-Borrego state park has a web page that you can probably google.  It always tells when they expect or are having the bloom season.  


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