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From Mary Sue Ittner:


6. Cyrtanthus elatus x C. montanus offset bulblets - I've offered these
before. They form around the big bulbs, but can be grown on to one day have
beautiful orange-red flowers, evergreen

7. Oxalis obtusa (coral)

8. Oxalis obtusa (pink)

9. Oxalis obtusa MV 4719d --   S of Laingsburg.  1? pale coppery pink,
center, dark veins, dark ctr ring.

10. Oxalis obtusa MV 7085 Deep coppery-pink, yellow throat

11. Oxalis palmifrons -grown for the leaves, mine have never flowered, but
the leaves I like, supposedly has a better chance of blooming if planted

12. Oxalis polyphylla var heptaphylla MV6396 Vanrhynsdorp. Succulent
thread-like leaves. Winter growing, blooms fall

13. Oxalis purpurea (white) winter growing, long blooming, but beware of
planting in the ground in a Mediterranean climate unless you don't care if
it takes over as it expands dramatically, a lot.

14. Oxalis semiloba - large bulbs and I'm growing them in a big pot so am
hoping to finally get some blooms

15. Oxalis versicolor --lovely white with candy stripe on back, winter

15. Oxalis zeekoevleyensis blooms early fall, lavender flowers, sometimes
flowers as early as August

17. Tulipa clusiana - small bulblets of true red and white version

18. Tulipa turkestanica - may not be blooming size, but in my climate seems
to divide more than bloom, sadly

Thank you, Bonaventure, Arnold, Jim, and Mary Sue !!

Best wishes,

Dell Sherk, PBS BX

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