Helping a Dutch collector

James Waddick
Fri, 03 Jul 2009 09:35:08 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I received this note (in part) from a Dutch bulb collector. I 
urged him to join this pbs list, but perhaps some of you may be 
interested in contacting him privately:

			Best 		Jim W.

	"I am a botanist and private collector in Holland.  I am 
collecting Amaryllidaceae. I am searching Hippeastrum species, 
Hymenocallis species and Griffinia species. Also other Amaryllidaceae 
such as Brunsvigia, Lycorus, Placea species are very welcome. I am 
searching bulbs of seeds or these plants.
Can and will you help me please?

	Or do you know other people in you area who can help me? 
Maybe botanists or private collectors?

	Thank you very much and I hope to hear soon from you again."

	Ton Wijnen	<>

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