Wed, 08 Jul 2009 08:51:29 PDT
"I see that Kew is listing the accepted name as Clinanthus for all of the
species on our wiki Stenomesson page except for Stenomesson pearcei which
is listed under Stenomesson."

This makes it sound as if the proposed changes of Meerow have been
published then. You might as well shuffle them over to Clinanthus,
with a note for these names in Stenomesson telling where they have
ended up. This innovation is probably as eminently sensible as
distinguishing Scadoxus from Haemanthus, but 30 years on many still
fail to grasp or utilize this change.

If the changes are done they may be adopted but it depends. Some name
changes can be noted but need not be 'officially' accepted by the wiki
because they provide little improvement in predictive value for the
hobbyist: Galaxia into Moraea, or Drimiopsis and Resnova into
Ledebouria are examples.

Other validly published name changes, or new names altogether, may not
meet with general approval from the community that studies that
particular group. Some "genera" allied to Strumaria and Hessea put
forth by Mueller-Doblies are examples.

I would not make any changes or rearrangements to the wiki based on
proposals. Only when publication has taken place should there be
consideration for such action. In the meantime, it is good to note
these things under generic headings just to keep people apprised.
Taxonomy will always be in flux and there is no use fretting about it.

Pucara will also be sunk into Stenomesson, if it is not done already.

Dylan Hannon

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