J.E. Shields
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 08:49:30 PDT
Hi Mary Sue,

Although an outsider to the world of the systematists (if that is the 
correct term -- a question of the taxonomy of taxonomists) I still have 
very firm opinions on new nomenclature.

I think we should go with Alan Meerow's proposals.  No one knows more about 
the New World Amaryllidaceae (now considered a small piece of Alliaceae) 
than Alan.  Moreover, much of his work is based on DNA sequencing studies, 
which I consider the most reliable basis for taxonomic 
classifications.  (I'm a biochemist, so of course I would not be biased in 
favor of DNA!)

I do favor retaining the name Amaryllidaceae, for the sake of convenience 
at least.  I still have trouble remembering that the amaryllids are now 
lumped into the Alliaceae.

Jim Shields
Westfield, Indiana

At 10:08 AM 7/8/2009 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Mary Sue:
>You have my sympathy. At Chicago Botanic Garden we constantly struggle
>in an effort to keep our taxonomy and nomenclature up to date. It is
>particularly frustrating when two of the foremost scientific references
>do not agree.  Sometimes we have found it is simply the fact they have
>not had time to update their websites but at other times they
>strenuously disagree for scientific reasons.
>Many thanks for not giving up in your quest for answers! We use the wiki
>as a resource for our staff when they are exploring new and different
>taxa to kept our displays interesting and new.
>Boyce Tankersley
>Director of Living Plant Documentation
>Chicago Botanic Garden
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>Glencoe, IL 60022
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>fax: 847-835-1635
>I see that Kew is listing the accepted name as Clinanthus for all of the
>species on our wiki Stenomesson page except for Stenomesson pearcei
>is listed under Stenomesson. On the other hand the data base maintained
>the Misssouri Botanical Gardens still lists them as Stenomesson. We have
>many Amaryllidaceae fans in this group. Can you give me guidance about
>which wiki page these plants should be displayed on and what most people
>have decided to call them.
>Hoping for a response.
>Mary Sue
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