Boyce Tankersley
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 08:08:21 PDT
Hi Mary Sue:

You have my sympathy. At Chicago Botanic Garden we constantly struggle
in an effort to keep our taxonomy and nomenclature up to date. It is
particularly frustrating when two of the foremost scientific references
do not agree.  Sometimes we have found it is simply the fact they have
not had time to update their websites but at other times they
strenuously disagree for scientific reasons.

Many thanks for not giving up in your quest for answers! We use the wiki
as a resource for our staff when they are exploring new and different
taxa to kept our displays interesting and new.

Boyce Tankersley
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I see that Kew is listing the accepted name as Clinanthus for all of the

species on our wiki Stenomesson page except for Stenomesson pearcei
is listed under Stenomesson. On the other hand the data base maintained
the Misssouri Botanical Gardens still lists them as Stenomesson. We have
many Amaryllidaceae fans in this group. Can you give me guidance about 
which wiki page these plants should be displayed on and what most people

have decided to call them.

Hoping for a response.

Mary Sue

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