Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 07:52:48 PDT

I generally don't seem to get much response when I ask the kind of 
questions I'm going to ask next which is always disappointing since I try 
to keep the wiki reasonably accurate and up to date and can't possibly keep 
up to date on all the publications and always hope some of the rest of you 
can advise me.

Alessandro has added some new pictures of Clinanthus/Stenomesson/Pancratium 
depending on which name you want to use to the wiki which has once again 
made me wonder where to put them. A number of years ago David Victor very 
kindly made a wiki page for Clinanthus, describing the proposed taxonomy 
and species. I believe this came from Alan Meerow et. al. in 2000. Since 
this is now quite a number of years later, is there some consensus for what 
we should call these plants? We still have many of them listed on the 
Stenomesson wiki page with this note:

Stenomesson is a genus from South America in the Amaryllidaceae family 
found in the Peruvian Andes, Ecuador, Columbia, and Chile. It has been 
proposed by Meerow et al. (2000) that some species in this genus should 
transfer to the genus Clinanthus

I see that Kew is listing the accepted name as Clinanthus for all of the 
species on our wiki Stenomesson page except for Stenomesson pearcei which 
is listed under Stenomesson. On the other hand the data base maintained by 
the Misssouri Botanical Gardens still lists them as Stenomesson. We have so 
many Amaryllidaceae fans in this group. Can you give me guidance about 
which wiki page these plants should be displayed on and what most people 
have decided to call them.

Hoping for a response.

Mary Sue

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