plant regulation-Trivial-and OT

Adam Fikso
Wed, 29 Jul 2009 10:00:03 PDT
Jane? In line with what you say there are many beginner's questions that 
turn up on this list, and they could be managed if the questioners knew how 
to use the information available on the internet. Perhaps they don't know 
how to search, use a library, or do homework before they ask. A few such 
questions are entirely legitimate and yes, there are no foolish questions 
from beginners.  I sympathize like mad--but many of these people lack even 
the most basic scientific information.  And that taxes some of us.  When I 
hear so-called scientific reporting about asbestos as a toxin, I know that 
something has gone terribly wrong in our educational system, and that our 
language has deteriorated.  So I grit my teeth, try to put a smile on my 
face and into my writing and call up as much forbearance as I can  muster 
for the occasion.

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> Rodger wrote,
> Modern uninformed types want knowledge and expertise handed to them
> on a silver
>>platter, want to be spoonfed what others only learned by paying
>>close attention

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