Adding info to the Wiki

Michael Mace
Tue, 21 Jul 2009 16:00:45 PDT
Paul wrote:

>> It isn't clear how we can add data

Nhu's link to the editing page was right on.  Let me just add that the first
time you go into the editing system, it can look a bit intimidating because
you see the raw text that makes up the page, with a bunch of formatting
characters in that text.  You may feel that there's no way to figure out all
those codes, and in my case I was very afraid that I would mess something

Don't worry about it.  You don't need to learn most of the codes, and
besides there's a little box at the bottom of the page that summarizes the
codes.  There's also a "preview" button that lets you see how your changes
will look (the preview appears below the editing section).  If you mess up
something, you can fix it before the changes get saved.  Or if you can't
figure out how to fix it, just don't save the changes and the page will stay
the way it was.

And even if some of the formatting does get a little bit messed up, don't
sweat it -- others of us can fix it for you.


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