Roscoea cautleoides redeemed (sort of)

Jane McGary
Tue, 21 Jul 2009 16:21:00 PDT
Ellen wrote
>This discussion reminds me that I have plants of an incredibly tiny 
>roscoea, from seed collected in China by Jurasek, I believe (i'm 
>away from the nursery this week and can't check).  I think it came 
>labeled as R. tibetica, but it's much smaller - from memory, the 
>plants are maybe 5cm tall, nd the flowers mabe 1.5-2cm across, with 
>petals flared out sideways.  Most are pure white; a few are 
>red-purple.  Does this ring a bell with anyone?  It's on my to-do 
>list to try to key it out, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Diana Reeck of Collectors Nursery brought back a number of Roscoea 
species from China, including some tiny ones.  I recall both white 
and deep pink/purple ones. I'm not sure whether she's managed to 
identify all of them firmly, but you might write to her:

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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