Crinum 'Super Ellen' × 'Mrs. James Hendry'

Jay Yourch
Fri, 19 Jun 2009 06:19:29 PDT
Justin and Jim,

Thank you both for the favorable comments.  This is still a young plant,
so we don't really know how big it's going to get.  It's safe to say
that the flowers will get larger, fuller, and more numerous as the plant
matures.  'Super Ellen' is a rapid grower, but becomes absolutely huge
before it produces a single offset, once it starts it produces offsets
at a steady rate.  Both 'Super Ellen' and 'Mrs. James Hendry' are among
the more cold tolerant Crinum hybrids, so I expect their offspring to be
reliably hardy throughout Zone 6, even Zone 5 if set deeply in a
protected location and mulched heavily.


Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b)  

Justin Smith wrote:
It is a most spectacular flower.

Jim Waddick wrote:
Amazing you managed to combine what seems to be the best of both.
It looks like the plant is slightly smaller than 'Super Ellen' and
somewhat larger than 'MJH'. Gorgeous flowers. Let's hope it is more
like' MJH' in its willingness to pup than 'SE'.

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