Manfreda -- sources and reference collections
Fri, 19 Jun 2009 01:20:22 PDT
Hello all,

I have again concentrated most of my energy on succulents for the needs of publications and talks. Therefore geophytes are left aside at the moment...

Nevertheless during the last meeting on succulent plants at Monaco, somebody from the Botanaical Garden in Strasbourg asked me questions about sources of seeds and plants for Manfreda, Polianthes and Prochnyanthes.

Can anyone suggests nurseries and/or seed distributors that offers the wilder range of plants in this group ? Also is there reference collection in any of the Botanical garden you people manage or visited...

Don't hesitate to contact me in private :

Thanks in advance for you help,


Dr. Luc G. Bulot - CNRS - Université de Provence - France

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