Zantedeschia hardiness

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 19:34:52 PDT
It was interesting reading all the posts about people wanting to grow 
Zantedeschia aethiopica. It thrives in coastal Northern California and you 
see it in places in the wild where it has escaped. My experience is more 
like Giorgio's, no doubt because our climates are similar. It appears in my 
garden and I've never planted it so am not sure where comes from. I don't 
think that it is dormant long here and the Color Encyclopedia describes it 
as more or less evergreen. My garden is bone dry in summer and the water 
table is not high.

It's not winter wet that kills it as it gets a lot of winter wet in my 
climate. We have seen it in bloom in South Africa in August and September. 
Although it is usually found in wet places there, we also saw it in drier 
habitats (rocks) and blooming in Namaqualand where there isn't much rain. 
It blooms here in March and April and definitely. Since it is so widespread 
in South Africa growing in various climates with varying amounts of 
rainfall, you'd expect that there would be differences in ones that were 
grown from seed depending on where the seed was collected

Mary Sue

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