Zantdeschia hardiness?SW MI weather

Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 20:25:02 PDT
The Morton is on the windward side of Lake Michigan -- in Lisle, 
IL.  For several years I was head of horticulture at Fernwood in 
Niles, MI -- a botanical garden that once was the "estate" of fern 
aficionado Kay Boydston.  We didn't have a Sequoiadendron in the 
collection -- but there are some specimens in the area, including a 
couple on the Andrews University campus in Berrien Springs.  Those 
are still rather small.  I don't believe there are any at the Meijer 
Arboretum in Grand Rapids either.  If you remember where you saw the 
large specimen, let me know.  Or maybe I'll remember....


At 09:56 PM 6/14/2009, you wrote:
>That's pretty amazing, even though southwest MI is unusually warm 
>because of its proximity to Lake Michigan.   In the winter, the wind 
>blows from the west and picks up heat as it crosses the unfrozen 
>lake.  I can't remember the name of the town, but there is a rather 
>large Giant Sequoia (by Midwest standards) growing there.  A very 
>nice little arboretum, all trees are not well marked, but it was a 
>very quiet, pleasant place to visit.
>Now if I could only remember the name- would it be Morton?  I 
>believe it was a well-to-do family's home.

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