Pelargonium question
Mon, 29 Jun 2009 11:54:36 PDT
Any piece of the tuberous roots of geophytic pelargoniums can be grown into a plant.? Adventituous buds form where the cut is made,? or if two cuts are made, on the side that pointed towards the crown.?No stem tissue needed.??Some species make strings of tuberous roots, sort of like sausage links strung together, they can be separated and individually grown on into plants.? 
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY Z6/7

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My friend Andrew Wilson once gave me a piece of one of the tuberous 
Pelargoniums and I was able to grow my own from it. I am wondering what 
parts of these can be grown on. I dug up a dormant one and there are lots 
of little pieces, but I know some tubers need a stem piece to grow on so 
that what looks like a root may not work. I was thinking of sending some of 
these to the BX if they can be grown on, but don't want to take the trouble 
if they can't.

Mary Sue

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