Cultivation questions - Amaryllidaceae and SA Iridaceae

Tom Mitchell
Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:51:23 PDT
In my last job I used to tell my employees that there is no such  
thing as a stupid question. Then one day, when we were all watching a  
space shuttle launch on the office TV, one of my more junior  
colleagues asked 'so, where's it going then?'. I hope the following  
two questions aren't quite as dumb as that one, but apologies in  
advance for my abject ignorance on these subjects.

1. When seedlings of Amaryllidaceae species go dormant after their  
first period of growth post-germination, what should I do next? I  
realise that the Amaryllidaceae is a big family but I'm thinking  
mainly of African species of the Crinum/Clivia/Haemanthus persuasion.  
Is there a general rule-of-thumb? Should I remove the small bulbs,  
tubers or whatever and store them for the dormant period? Or should I  
repot them immediately? Should I keep them dry or just moist or does  
it really depend on the species? How and when should I re-induce  
growth? Any tips would be much appreciated.

2. I have noticed that quite a number of the Gladiolus and Watsonia  
species that I am growing, either from seed or corms, are turning  
brown at the tips of the leaves. The appearance of the brown areas is  
similar to a rust fungal infection but I don't think that's it. I am  
thinking perhaps a nutrient deficiency or surfeit (too much  
phosphate, perhaps). All the plants in question are in a greenhouse.  
Has anyone else noticed this condition and, if so, is there a  
solution? I also have the same question with respect to SA Iridaceae  
in general as with the amaryllids. To prick out or not to prick out,  
that is the question...

Zone 7 and cheesed off with browned off Gladiolus...

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