iris fly? possible identification.

Adam Fikso
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 10:59:39 PDT
Dear Janos.  The pupa in the size and description you offer fits the 
description of whitefly (Aleyrodes spiraedides) which is not a problem in 
the Midwest near Chicago , but in California sometimes where it is much 
warmer.  The pupa is as you describe-- about the size of a small grain of 
rice.  about 8 mm long.   A photo is shown on on p. 356 of The World of 
Irises--,  Warburton and Hamblen, 1978 .   Publ: The American Iris Society, 
Wichita, Kansas. I would think that any systemic insecticide would kill it 
and its progeny. I'd also open up the area to more sunlight and ventilation. 
If you're growing your irises in a greenhouse--this could definitely be the 
pest you've got.   Grow your irises outdoors, unless you're talking about 
the oncocycli--but even those are sometimes best grown outdoors., except for 
those from Israel, Syria and Jordan.   .

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