iris fly?

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 10:56:10 PDT
Leaf hoppers have an incomplete metamorphosis. No larval stage.

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This does not look like  typical iris borer damage which is
usually confined 
to the edges of leaves early in the year--and the grubs are much

bigger--about 4-5 cm-- which go down into the rhizome and hollow
it out, at 
which point the leaves turn watery looking and rot from the
inside of the 
stem outwards.  Also, Iris borer in the U.S is much earlier,
about April-May 
in the Chicago area. If I had to suspect a pest from the U.S.
I'd think one 
of the leaf hoppers which tend to do more surface damage to
softer parts of 
the leaves between the veins.

Not iris borer from your photos , but you've got me hooked
enough to check 
some other references

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