Half price on a couple of good Timber Press bulb books

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 21:15:07 PDT
I will try to phrase this so that I don't run afoul of ibiblio's rule  
against listing prices in our emails, but Timber Press is running a  
great deal on two of its most excellent bulb books. Through June 29,  
they are selling Buried Treasures by Jānis Rukšāns and The Color  
Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs by John C. Manning, Peter Goldblatt, and  
Dee Snijman for half the list price. This is cheaper than you can get  
it from Amazon.com new, and it's even cheaper than any of their used  
book listings for either of these books. (BTW, Amazon's list price for  
Buried Treasures is $10 too high.) And on top of that, if you spend  
more than a modest amount on books, shipping within the U.S. or the  
U.K. is free. (In the U.S. you only have to spend $0.03 more than the  
sale price of the Cape Bulbs book to qualify!)

And herein lies my problem. I already have both of those books (thanks  
to birthday presents from the spouse!), but there is another book from  
the list of half price sale books that I've wanted for several years,  
but it's not enough to qualify for free shipping. So if there is  
anyone in So. Calif. who is thinking about buying either of the above  
books, I'd like to send you the amount for my book as a joint order to  
qualify for the free shipping and get the book from you later. (Or you  
could have me do the joint order and come get it, or I could send it  
book rate which would only be a couple of dollars.) Of course the cost  
of gas to drive over and back probably is more than the savings on  
shipping. But book rate postage is really cheap.

Anyway, mostly I thought I'd mention this deal for those of you who  
might have been considering getting these books in the past, but they  
were too expensive.

Other books in the deal are:

   Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens
By Allan M. Armitage

   The Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook
By Rosemary Alexander

   The Self-Sustaining Garden
The Guide to Matrix Planting
By Peter Thompson

   Insects and Gardens
In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology
By Eric Grissell

   Plant Solutions for Every Garden
By Nigel Colborn

   A Pattern Garden
The Essential Elements of Garden Making
By Valerie Easton

   Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness
By Bunny Guinness and Jacqueline Knox

Gems of the Orchid World
By Mary E. Gerritsen and Ron Parsons

   American Azaleas
By L. Clarence Towe

   The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants
A Comprehensive Guide to Their Biology and Cultivation
By Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rüdiger Seine, and Inge Theisen

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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