Trying to get started - from scratch!

mark zukaitis
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 20:51:47 PDT
Thanks Diane - 

You know, the fuzzy Chiondoxas!  The ones you see after you finish off a bottle of Jack Daniels!

No.  Sorry, actually I meant Calochortus.  I'm such a neophyte!

I would love to get started with anything I could trade for at this point, though the only geophyte I have that is in the Wiki pictures is:

Sinningia tubiflora, nice healthy new potato sized tuber.  

Let's see, I should do this in an organized fashion.


Various Sinningia hybrids
Sinningia tubiflora
Various Chiritas

Sorry, but just a few gesneriads and things.  Maybe someone would be interested in Sinningia tubiflora.  I have it planted out - it is hardy here - Baltimore Maryland USDA Zone 7

I would really be interested in trading for 

ANY specie of Tigridia,

I love asclepiads - and I see you have Brachystelma listed

Brachystelma barbatus (not in any of your lists)

Gladiolus alatus
Gladiolus ceruleus
G. carinatus
G. gracilis

Moraea gigandra, or M. villosus or similar.  
Moraea insolens is pretty.

You can see how greedy I am!  Sorry to reveal this trait so early in my tenure.

I would be interested if you would want to sell me something too, although Telos Rare Bulbs is a great source too. . . I really get so absorved in the Plant Maven, it conveys such a joy of life that springs out of a joy of growing these beautiful plants.

Well, sorry about the long e-mail for my first one after my introduction.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Mark Zukaitis
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  Welcome Mark.

  You have tweaked my curiosity.  What are  fuzzy flowered chionodoxas?

  Diane Whitehead
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