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James Waddick
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:10:46 PDT

>Hello Everyone,
>I would never feel comfortable giving out my street address and/or 
>phone number especially on a ongoing basis.? I have found that 
>simply joining a club can open a person up to an seemingly endless 
>array of spam, not to mention compromising privacy/safety?if your 
>message gets published and read by the public.?

Dear Celeste,
	My daughter used to have a signature block that said "Privacy 
is dead, get over it". All too true.

	With every email I get from PBS and elsewhere I get every 
one's email address. With a quick Google search, the first hit gave 
me your full name and phone number,.  The next hit lead me to what 
kind of fruits trees you grow. Also your membership in a couple of 

	The next Google got me your home address and a Google Map of 
your house including a street view, but I couldn't quite read your 
license plate number.

	The next Google gave me your half marathon score and I didn't 
follow up the Census info or confirm if any of the face book entries 
were you.

	I assure you I am not a rocket scientist,or a stalker,  but I 
could probably get similar info and more from most messages.

	Yes  "Privacy is dead, get over it". A pro could find a LOT 
more and probably some scary details.

	All I ask for is some idea of where a respondent is growing 
your bulbs- city, state, soil, temps.. some hint instead of just 
'here'. Obviously this is not for you, but there are plenty of 

			Best	 Jim W. -letting it all out in the open.

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