An Introduction and A Japanese Iris Seed Question

James Waddick
Sat, 28 Mar 2009 06:55:52 PDT
Dear Anita ,
	Welcome to the list. Hope you can continue to figure out how to post.

	Japanese iris need a cold damp stratification to improve 
germination. Sounds like you know this already. The germinated seed 
can be individually potted in 2-3 inch diam pots using a soil that is 
distinctly acidic. High in sphagnum or peat moss or soak in acidic 
loving fertilizer which includes some acidic compounds.

	Put the pots in 1/4 inch of water so they remain moist, but 
are above the water line.  Move them to bigger pots of the garden 
when the roots fill the pots which may be in a month or so of good 
weather and growth.

	Japanese iris grown in acidic soils and above the water line 
can bloom in the 2nd year, but surely by the 3rd.

	Good luck and enjoy.		Jim W.

>I need to know what sort of soil I should be using for germinating 
>Japanese iris seed. I followed the directions I got from a website and 
>have just taken the seed out of the refrigerator. Quite a few of them 
>are beginning to sprout already, so I cannot delay in potting them up. 
>Trouble is I'm not quite sure how to do this properly. Could someone 
>please provide me with some howto's.
>Thanks a bunch! Anita
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