Crocus and Juno today

David Ehrlich
Mon, 16 Mar 2009 11:52:42 PDT
It might take two years to recover from one grazing season, because the bud for next years flower which ordinarily would have formed this year won't be.  This happened to me with a planting of about a dozen Ismene narcissiflora.  They had bloomed reliably for me every September.  In June, 2007 I took a temproary job in New York.  My neighbor took care of my plants.  She decided to cut down the Ismene as some people do wth Narcissus.  That did away with 2007 growth and prevented the formation of 2008 flower bud.  I think (hope) it recovered in 2008.

Jane McGary  wrote :
I have also had deer eat Juno iris foliage, but it did not kill the 
plants. Most geophytes can recover from being grazed during one 
growing season. I hope Tecophilaea can, because rabbits just ate all mine.

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