Crocus and Juno today

James Waddick
Mon, 16 Mar 2009 13:26:24 PDT
Dear Kathleen and all,
	I have a fenced yard, but only about 4 ft in most places and 
deer get in as they wish. Yes some Juno do get eaten to the ground, 
but so far 'Sindpers' has not been eaten and today a deep blue I 
aucheri opened near by. The deer have eaten a bunch of I wilmottiana 
this spring and a few magnifica.  They usually jump back in a year or 

	And my Odd Crocus tommasinianus: I had a better look and it 
is a perfect flower in flower double, but each flower has only 5 
petals, so maybe not quite so 'perfect' since it should have 6 petals 
each. Mine is more 'star in star'. I'll mark it for next year.

	And Frtiillarias are popping up including the F. persica I 
divided and moved last fall.

	With a week of frost free nights forecast, and the coming 
solstice, spring is here.


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