Some frits are waking up

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 03 Mar 2009 09:32:33 PST


     That is exactly the point. The PBS wiki is a first hand reference tool. People resort to it all the time for IDs. You explain the problem as it is: expert growers explain their success with this and that materials and by replicating their formulas it is possible to achieve quite the same results. I read every now and then people even asking for perlite is. After receiving an image they identify it readily, as in their country it may have a totally different name. If there were a archive for Materials one could go see them there and even get to know under which names they are sold in different countries or regions. As for the problem of images, it would involve a single one. One image of coir will let people identify it no matter under what name it is in the trade. And they may be self explaining: if there is an image for "Coarse sand, Cynthia Mueller, Texas" just to give an example it is obvious the author is showing a local material . There is a lot of confusion among fine sand, silver sand, coarse sand, grit, etc., etc. For us foreigners there is always a partial doubt about what you people in the States are talking about. Even in England materials can have different names. 


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"> There is also the problem that what goes by a name that may be common in 
> Oregon, is an unknown in Iowa It's why we have forums like this, for 
> questions and clarification."

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