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Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 08 Mar 2009 16:34:13 PDT
Kathleen wrote,
>Sadly, this is true. Woodland Park Zoo determined that the herbicide
>clopyralid arrived at the zoo in straw bedding and feed, and as of
>last fall changed bedding and feed suppliers. But it will take time
>for all materials to move through animals and then the composting
>stream. So they decided last fall to suspend compost sales for a

This is the reason I don't want to use municipal compost, although 
Portland, Oregon, produces it in huge quantities. When residential 
lawn clippings go into the mix, it is very likely that long-lasting 
herbicides will persist.'

Like Kathleen I also had snow yesterday and today, but be calm, if 
you're coming to our meeting next weekend: Warmer and sunnier weather 
is predicted to commence about Wednesday.

Kathleen wrote,

 >So now I need not only
>a crow-dropping-clams-proof coldframe, it needs to be rodent and bird
>proof too.

The crows here don't drop clams but I have seen them drop snakes. 
They also like to pull out labels. What I need is a rabbit-proof bulb 
frame: the devils have been hopping up over an 18-inch base into a 
small vent and foraging in the frames in the middle of the night, 
devouring all the crocus, ornithogalum, and some calochortus and 
muscari foliage that they can reach. I know it's rabbits because I 
found their droppings. This will not kill the plants but it will set 
them back for a year or two. And a rabbit went after my garden colony 
of corydalis and bit off all the flowers, but did not harm the 
foliage much. I certainly wish I knew a way to trap rabbits. When I 
had a night-roaming Malamute bitch, there was not much of a problem 
with them, but now the only dog I can let loose at night is my 
collie, who does not care about anything too small to herd (she is 
good at deer).

How I look forward to moving to a place where the only varmint is 
squirrels, which are easy to entice into a live trap.

Jane McGary
Northwestern oregon, USA

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