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Kathleen Sayce ksayce@willapabay.org
Sun, 08 Mar 2009 15:00:36 PDT
unacceptable levels of the herbicide clopyralid were detected in the  

Sadly, this is true. Woodland Park Zoo determined that the herbicide  
clopyralid arrived at the zoo in straw bedding and feed, and as of  
last fall changed bedding and feed suppliers. But it will take time  
for all materials to move through animals and then the composting  
stream. So they decided last fall to suspend compost sales for a  
year.  They found the contamination after testing, following a  
complaint about tomatoes and other food plants from a compost buyer.  
Recent testing indicated new compost was clear of the herbicide, but  
they aren't taking any chances. The zoo has also been scaling back on  
all pesticide use over the past few years, even before this problem  

We had snow again last night, but with partly sunny skies,  
temperatures reached 46 F today, at sealevel. Primroses, early  
tulips, several crocus, and of course popweed, are flowering in my  
garden. I moved several pots of seedlings into a cold room yesterday,  
following comments about bulbs being eaten down. I knew I'd been  
seeing Fritillaria persica and F. pallidiflora seedlings, even some  
Calochortus, and then, zap, they disappeared. So now I need not only  
a crow-dropping-clams-proof coldframe, it needs to be rodent and bird  
proof too.
Nahcotta, WA. 

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