Looking for pic of the smaller Narcissus fly

J. Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:56:17 PDT
Dear Justin,

Please compare your fly with these (with picture searc):

Bibio hortulanus - can cause problems in wet soils, the larvae eat roots.

Bibio marci - same as above but looks a bit different.

Eumerus strigatus - at the end you will see 3 pairs of crescent moon-like
pattern. It looks like a bee. Bluish-greenish metallic shine in black
background. Females lay eggs on rhizomes, bulbs (at the neck) or on the
ground near them. They are holowing them by the root side. Larvae are
yellow. Lays eggs only 1 time a year in Z5a.

Delia antiqua syn. Phorbia antiqua - resembles the normal fly, 6-6,5 mm
long, grayish. Lays eggs on the leaves near the bulb, the larvae are muching
down to the bulb. Larvae are white. Lays eggs 3 times a year in Z5a. If
larvae are starwing they search for new bulbs and infect them.

But if you make a good picture from the fly I can send it to a specialist.

Z5a, Hungary

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