An Introduction and A Japanese Iris Seed Question

J. Agoston
Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:35:12 PDT
Dear Anita,

It is good to know you and thank you for the question!

So far I didn't germinated Japanese iris seed (Iris ensata hybrids), but I
can tell you how I germinate other iris. (I. lactaea, I. pseudacorus, I. ×
barbata, ...).

They are not fussy, just put them in a good soil (e.g. a soil mix you can
buy in a garden center). It should not bee too acidic or too basic/limey.
Please avoid coir pith. But if you mix it with sand 50-50% will be OK. You
can cover seeds with a few milimeters of soil. Oh, and you don't have to use
a soil mix for seed sowing. They are easy but will take a little time. I
have successfully germinated I. pseudacorus sown in stoney sand with around
20% coir, left them in winter and germinated under a tree. (To be honest I
forgot I had sown the seeds).

Good luck!
Z5a, Hungary

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