Lithuanian bulb dealer

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 07 Mar 2009 17:18:35 PST

I've been trying to think of some way to thank the man who helped convert 
our wiki. He saved us thousands of dollars and a lot of hard work. I 
thought it might be nice to share bulbs with him. I don't know what the 
requirements are for sending bulbs to Lithuania so don't know if some of 
the members of our group wanted to donate some what is needed to send them. 
Our group has talked about sending to the US and Australia and New Zealand, 
but not to the European Union. Can anyone provide that information to me, 
either on the list or privately? His temperatures deviate from -20 to +30 C 
so it's much colder than my garden so I don't feel I'm a very good resource.

Arnold found on the net a man from Lithuania who grows and sells bulbs.

Does anyone know about him and has anyone ordered from him? He has an 
extensive list. It might be possible to order from him and expect the 
plants to survive the temperatures. My helper lives in a flat, but visits 
his parents who live in the country and have a lot of space for planting 
plants and said it would please him to see plants in bloom when he visited 
them. I asked him to look through the catalog just to give me an idea of 
which plants appealed to him and he gave me a list back and wrote that this 
was just an idea of some of the plants that he liked the look of. It 
included a Colchicum (Colchicum luteum VAHSH), an Allium (A. sarawschanicum 
x A. rosenbachianum) , three Fritillarias (F. aurea, F. crassifolia ssp. 
kurdica, F. nigra),  a Muscari (M. pallens) and a Tulipa (T. acuminata). 
His mother was intrigued by a couple Arisaemas (ciliatum var. liubaense, A. 
fargesii), an Arum (elongatum) and an Allium (Nectaroscordum siculum).

Do any of you in climates similar to his have any experience growing any of 
these to know if they would be suitable? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Mary Sue 

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