Lithuanian bulb dealer

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Sat, 07 Mar 2009 18:15:54 PST
Leonid Bondarenko, the proprietor of , is a
friend of mine. He is a very good grower and an honest man. Members of this
list should have no qualms about dealing with him. I have offered plants
that he grew as grown by him (unusual in these days of concealing sources,
discreet cough).

Shipping bulbs to the EU from Canada is not difficult, as long as the bulb 
is healthy, dormant, root-washed, has no green leaflet whatsoever, is not on 
a CITES list, is packed in some non-"dirt" medium -- for example sterile 
peat -- and is accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate. If any of these 
conditions is lacking, the labyrinth beckons.

I should imagine the situation is similar from the US.

Paige Woodward

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