Sanitizing Bulbs

C.J. Teevan
Sat, 07 Mar 2009 20:16:45 PST
ladybugs will eat them all.  good for scale too.  piece of cake.

--- On Sat, 3/7/09, Bob Hoel <> wrote:

From: Bob Hoel <>
Subject: [pbs] Sanitizing Bulbs
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 1:40 PM

Here in the Chicago area we have to lift and bring in our tender bulbs,
like the Elephant Ears.  I store mine under the bench in the greenhouse
which runs about 60 degrees F through the winter.  In late winter I
start to observe colonies of aphids on the "sprout" ends of the
which then want to spread to the rest of the greenhouse.  Has anyone has
success with sanitizing tubers/bulbs for problems like this?  Sprays
don't control them, at least none of the sprays I want to use in a
closed environment like this.
Bob Hoel
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