Eranthis stellata

Jane McGary
Sun, 22 Mar 2009 10:15:30 PDT
Gerhard wrote
>over the past 3 years I have received corms of Eranthis stellata from
>China. When I received the corms they appeared to be healthy and plumb.
>However, none emerged in spring or the following spring. Another person
>I know has the same problem. The soil I use in pots is peat-sand 1:1.
>What are we doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

First, the tubers may not be viable when you get them. They may have 
been dry for too long. Anyway, if you got them from China, they may 
not be what you ordered.

It sometimes helps to soak tubers of plants in the Ranunculaceae 
(Eranthis, Anemone) for one day in water at room temperature (about 
20 degrees C) before planting them. I always do this even if the 
tubers are plump when they arrive.

Even though the conventional wisdom is that Eranthis seeds are not 
viable for very long after ripening, if you plant enough of them 
enough times, you may get a seedling or two. This is also true of Adonis.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA
Where is is snowing heavily right now ... not again!

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