Cyrtanthus falcatus now blooming

Sun, 22 Mar 2009 11:15:48 PDT
These are outdoors on a North facing slope approx 2.5 miles inland from the beach, 
receiving no direct sun all winter while dormant and only part sun spring-fall.  They seem to do well even with the winter rains, although I suspect the slope location provides excellent drainage despite the clay soil.  From two small bulbs in pots purchased about 7 years ago ... in the ground they have produced good sized clumps of perhaps 15-25 bulbs. No fertilizer and only periodic summer watering maybe every 3-4 weeks seems to keep them happy. I want to split up the clumps but perhaps I should have done that while still dormant?  Any advice on these would be greatly appreciated.
San Diego ... zone 10, maybe 11

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